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Thank you for your interest in Luna Law. Our mission is to help small businesses and creative professionals succeed.

We do this by assisting you with discreet projects if you have in-house legal needs on a short-term or intermittent basis or by assuming ownership of your legal issues if you have general counsel needs on a part-time basis. Our relationship will be dictated by your needs and our engagement. As your operations grow and transform, your needs may change, and we will be there to help protect you in a way that makes sense.

In addition to our standard hourly rate, Luna Law provide services, when appropriate, on a flat-fee basis. A flat fee arrangement gives our clients peace of mind by letting them know upfront how much our work will cost so that there are no surprises. You can learn more about what we do below. Please also feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you.


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We help you clearly define your business relationships while protecting your assets so that your business operates proficiently.



Contracts are the basis of all business relationships, and it is important for all parties to understand expectations and consequences. Contracts are often executed by parties without consideration of things going wrong. Unfortunately, contractual disputes happen, which is why it is important for all contracts to be carefully drafted, reviewed, and negotiated.

We will assist you in preparing, evaluating, and negotiating the best terms for your contracts. We will work together to protect your organization in accordance with your risk tolerance and the importance of the deal. As appropriate, we will prepare contract templates for your organization as well as help your team implement best practice strategies so that your contract process is efficient and effective.


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We help you attract and maintain the best and the brightest to promote the success of your business.



Corporate culture defines how employees are treated, which largely impacts how employees interact with others; this interaction can make or break an organization. Because of this dynamic, it is critical that your corporate culture is shared with and followed by your employees through the implementation of appropriate and consistent policies, procedures, and trainings. We will work with you to develop or revise your documents and processes to ensure that you are on the right track for success. Our work together may include discreet policy reviews or the creation and execution of a companywide strategy to address systemic issues.

Additionally, if you are working through a sensitive employee issue that is impeding your operations, we can help develop a plan to address the matter or lead an investigation into the problem. Likewise, we can assist with compliance issues such as those related to overtime, independent contractor status, and FMLA/ADA issues through audits, consultations, and training.


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We help start and cultivate your business by working with you to establish a legal foundation for your operations that allows you to fulfill your vision and sustain success.



Starting and maintaining a business requires strategic planning and keeping up with many moving parts. Once you know what you want to do and how you want to grow, key decisions need to be made related to your entity formation, organizational oversight, and business philosophy.

The advice you follow in these areas significantly impacts your business, and we will work with you to ensure your vision, risk tolerance, and business culture are maintained throughout your key organizational documents, procedures, and policies.

Our relationship will be dictated by your needs and our engagement. For example, our work together may consist only of the review of certain documents, ongoing advice as part of your management team, or some other level of guidance and interaction.


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We advocate on your behalf with any government officials asking questions.



If a government agency ever seeks clarification from your organization regarding legal compliance, we will advocate on your behalf for a positive outcome. Because understanding the business of our clients is a cornerstone of how we operate, we are well positioned to explain the organization’s actions to the extent required in resolving the matter.

We will work to minimize the impact of the process on your operations and make sure that you understand the agency’s evaluation process, agree with the strategy for response, and stay updated throughout the inquiry.

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